Comparison Essay Recommendations for Students

Students deal with a great variety of different academic assignments. Most of them should be composed in a written form. The task is challenging because every assignment has different purposes. Thus, a descriptive essay should describe, an exploratory paper explores and so on. There is likewise such type as a comparison essay. Its name gives a plain understanding of what you are expected to do. You should compare.

A comparison in essay writing is a pretty popular task. It teaches students to develop their critical and logical thinking. Besides, it shows their teachers and professors how gifted their students are. It’s not that easy to compare different qualities of people, books, technological devices, or historical events and their value. The options are varied.

What Is a Comparison Essay and What Is Its Main Purpose?

In order to understand how to fulfill something, you ought to define its meaning. The comparison essay definition is plain to understand. It is concluded within its name. You are to compare certain qualities of the studied subjects. These may be qualities of two people, issues, terms, states, conditions, etc.

The purpose is to identify the essence of the studied issue. Comparison gives a clear view of how the things appear in reality. The comparison involves both similarities and differences. When we realize them, we can answer certain questions and thus, come to an effective solution.

For instance, you may investigate why some people prefer keeping cats to dogs. Both are home pets and are loved by millions of people. Still, some hate dogs and love only cats. Define what makes them different. That will provide you with the needed answer.

How to Start a Comparison Essay to Have Readers’ Attention?

Many students ask “how to start a comparison essay”? The recommendations on this matter are pretty similar to other academic papers. Your main objective is to grab the attention of your audience. However, the ways to gain this are different.

When it comes to writing a comparison essay, you should select a topic. Afterward, you will understand who your potential readers are. Accordingly, you should build and develop your strategy in dependence on their interests. Understand what they wish to read in your paper and highlight it uniquely and impressively.

Every introduction has certain qualities. They should always be kept. So, your introductory section is supposed to be:

  • Catchy
  • Informative
  • Logical and clear
  • Convincing
  • Relevant
  • Reader-oriented
  • Problem-solving

The introduction gives only a slight glance at the entire project. Offer some interesting facts about your main question. Create intrigue and captivate your readers. Use a simple language and well-known terms. Your message ought to be clear to comprehend. Don’t confuse your readers.

You are free to start with an anecdote or quotation of a famous person. Provide relevant and trustworthy statistics and facts. They should be structured logically and lead to the final sentence of your introduction. It is a thesis statement. Therefore, your strategy is dependent on your main argument. Afterward, you may develop your ideas in the main body and summarize them in conclusion.

Comparison Essay Topics to Disclose Interesting Concepts

At times, we cannot compose an effective piece of writing because we don’t know what to cover. In order to learn this, you should conduct small research. Find out the current spheres of interest in the specialty you write about. The problem you are going to discuss should be unsolved, relevant, and answer an important question. In the event, you lack variants you are welcome to use our comparison essay ideas:

  1. Apple vs. Microsoft: Which brand is better?
  2. The main differences between Renaissance and Baroque?
  3. Why do some people love dogs and others prefer cats?
  4. The comparison of European and Asian customs and traditions.
  5. Soccer vs. American football: Which sport is more popular?
  6. The major differences between a drama and comedy.
  7. Cinema vs. theater: What is more interesting?
  8. Internet emailing vs. the epistolary style: What is in common and what is different?
  9. Why do some people adore summer and the others winter? The main comparison to draw the line.
  10. Biology vs. Chemistry: Which discipline is more complicated if we compare them?

Make use out of these suggestions. They are provided as samples of how your comparison essay topic is supposed to look like. Generate your own concepts on the basis of our list.

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